When we founded Saffron Key, we wanted to deliver professional marketing solutions for small businesses at an affordable price point.

As we started scaling our solutions and our offerings, we evaluated the marketing options available to emerging business owners. Through this analysis, we found three well-known marketing options for small businesses to consider:
A. Do it yourself
B. Hire an intern
C. Hire an agency

These solutions all have their merits and their drawbacks. Our analysis showed that there was a severe gap in quality between the marketing offerings provided between hiring a junior marketing analyst or a marketing intern and hiring a firm to manage marketing full-time. Unsurprisingly, there is also a severe gap in price points between the marketing intern and the agency. Our company was designed to fill this gap.

We deliver professional marketing solutions from seasoned marketers that are on-brand and data-driven without the administrative overhead of bringing somebody on part-time (posting the job, interviewing, scheduling, managing, oversight, direction, until it is time to post the job again).

We have proven the ability to deliver professional marketing solutions at the cost of a part-time marketing resource without the managerial oversight and headache that comes with the resource.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?