Saffron Key

Taking Emerging Businesses to the Next Step

Channel Savvy

Saffron Key understands the different marketing channels available and will ensure that the narrative is optimized for the specific channel.


Saffron Key helps emerging business understand which channel can be the most supportive for their specific business challenge.


Saffron Key insists that the content we create mirrors the unique value of each individual customer.


Saffron Key has streamlined the process of creating high-quality content that is on message.


Saffron Key is committed to providing high-quality actionable marketing offerings for an emerging business at the cost of a part-time college intern.

  • Brand Strategy 80%
  • Digital Marketing 80%
  • Networking 50%
  • Marketing System Design 95%
Ben Weagraff

Ben Weagraff

President & Founder

Ben Weagraff is the founder of Saffron Key. He created Saffron Key to help small businesses focus their marketing efforts and to build scalable solutions that align with the priorities of small business owners, their commitment to their enduring legacy, and the financial reality of small businesses. Ben comes from a traditional consulting background. Ben is patient, empathetic, intelligent, and savvy. He is and always will be forever champion of the emerging entrepreneur.